Safe Fast Easy

  • Formalin encapsulated in the lid
  • Easy press of the thumb to operate
  • No personnel are exposed

Solving a problem for medical staff all over the world

Millions of biopsies are handled in hospitals and clinics every day. This process generally involves the use of formalin which poses severe a health risk.

BiopSafe delivers an efficient solution to this problem. It is a new and revolutionary method of handling biopsies helping to protect medical personnel all over the world. The BiopSafe vial provides safe formalin handling with a simple touch of your thumb.

The solution is as simple as it is effective

The big challenge in hospitals and clinics all over the world is how to fixate the biopsy in formalin without exposure to spillage or vapour.

This problem is solved with BiopSafe – a small container with formalin encapsulated in the lid. With a light press of the thumb the formalin is released in a closed system covering the biopsy. The result is that no personnel are exposed to the content in either liquid or vapour form

Fast and easy

Aside from being safe, the method is also fast. BiopSafe is always at hand and it only takes seconds to place the biopsy in the vial and press to add the formalin. This simple handling saves time and ensures that doctors and nurses can concentrate on other important issues. At the same time making transport to the lab secure and easy.

2 sizes

We have vials in 2 sizes: 20 ml and 60 ml. This makes it easier to handle more biopsies at one time. Each biopsy can be placed in a cassette and arranged with other cassettes in a vial container before the lid is screwed on and the formalin released

Safe biopsy handling
in 6 steps

It only takes a few seconds before the biopsy is safely covered with formalin and ready for transportation. Everything is handled in a hermetically closed system without any spill or vapor escaping the vial.

BiopSafe – Your daily protection

Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen which affects health in many negative ways. Either when a person is exposed directly or through inhalation. Long term exposure to formaldehyde has been proven to be associated with an increased risk of cancer of the nose, nasopharyngeal and lung cancer.

Short term exposure can also cause serious health risks:

Increased exposure to formaldehyde can cause severe pulmonary reactions to the upper respiratory tract

Irritation resulting in redness, itching, burning and tearing

Allergic reaction and dermatitis, as experienced by many working with formaldehyde.

It is therefore critical to handle formalin with care and attention to ensure a safe working environment.

we are

Axlab was founded in 1993. It is specialized in delivering advanced laboratory pathology equipment. For more than a decade Axlab saw the challenges for bioanalytic and pathology personnel in the handling of biopsies using formaldehyde in open systems.

They saw a clear need for more daily protection. The founder developed a new and innovative solution eliminating exposure to dangerous formaldehyde, protecting doctors and nurses all over the world. This unique innovation paved the way for the establishment of a new company. BiopSafe was founded in 2014.

BiopSafe has a dedicated worldwide distribution network.